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Aurora Formaulation

All Aurora™ product formulations are based upon the best public research and big university studies.

We cross refrence findings in reports with our own experts in the company and our partners, to provide our customers with a quaranteed Hi end product.

Pregnant products are based on reccomendations from National professional guideline for pregnancy care”, their  reccomendations comes from studies like the Moba study. The Moba study collect data of over 95.000 woman 114.500 children, and 75.000 fathers. This is one of the biggest health studies in the world. The study has been running since 1999.

The valuable research helps us determine:
  • Which formaulations gives the best potency.
  • What scientific developments and techniques gives the best product.
  • Where the best raw materials is harvested, for the quality content of our products.
  • We also follow the eviromental status studies; to leave a green footprint were we harvest.

What are the key nutrients for a woman trying to conceive?

Both men and women can optimise their chances of conceiving by following a healthy eating regime that stocks up a range of important nutrients in the body.

Supplements are an important part of our nutritional intake in order to sustain a healthy and happy life. They play an indispensable role in many of the bodily functions, especially important activities such as procreation. If you are trying to conceive, then as a couple you may want to consider some vitamins.

Vitamins are organic compounds needed by the human body to attain optimum performance. They help nourish and grow the body. An ideal diet needs to include small quantities of these nutrients because they cannot be synthesized in large quantities by the body. If they are not consumed in the normal food that you eat, fortified foods and supplements can help.

With particular focus on pregnant women, the Aurora™ brand was developed.
All our formulas are designed to give the best possible health effects on the pregnant mother and development of fetus in the womb.

Why elderly need supplements?

When we get older the body changes naturally, this also affect the body’s nutritional status, our taste, activity and appetite drops. In addition to personal changes in life, like loss of life long partner or retirement and less activity, we tend to eat different. When our natural diet changes, and we are experiencing involuntary weight loss, loss of body mass, impaired immune system and poor wound recovery process.

Why do kids need supplements?

The body cannot naturally produce all the necessary vitamins and minerals, it is important to ensure that kids get these vital building blocks in the foods they eat. A well-balanced diet is typically all it takes to guarantee that kids and teens are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals.

If not a nutritional supplement is recomended.

Do kids need diatary supplements?