Neptune Pharma As

Norwegian operated company. The company is based at the beautiful west coast on the island Bømlo. The island have long tradtions for fishing and trade due to its uniqe location to the north sea.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora is the Latin word for dawn and refers to the roman goddess Aurora. Borealis is the Greek name for north wind. Pierre Gassendi first called this phenomena Aurora Borealis back in year 1600a-kr.

The Story

About Neptune Pharma As

Neptune Pharma was established to offer high-end products of nutritional supplements. Relying on science-based nutritional solutions and Norwegian traditional way of life.

Aurora ™ is a self owned sub brand of Neptune Pharma As, its developed to be one of the best nutritional supplement brand for woman. 

Since the beginning the brand Aurora has been developed and operated by Nepune Pharma AS, a Norwegian operated company with a vision to deliver the safest and most efficient nutrtional supplements for Woman health and Pregnancy.Aurora is the first Norwegian specialized nutritional supplement series. With high requirements and standards at the core of our direction. All Aurora products provides a sufficient amount of the right vitamins & minerals to all female health challenges, in all stages of life.  Through effective formulations and detailed standards.  Our customers can be confident they get a potent, safe and High-end product.

With Norwegian operations, we guarantee the quality of our products. We never compromise on quality production and raw materials. As part of our standard we strive to add value to our products, and constantly monitor our own products and quality status. We aim to source most of our ingrediens from Norway and European contries to obtain the best possible documented core quality. Aurora is proud to give woman all over the world the nutritional support.

The brand aims to be the No. 1 women nutritional supplement choice in the world.

We are an traditional and innovative developer of nutritional supplements in Norway. We build our formulations based on years of traditional Norwegian experience, together with the latest research and clinical studies.

Sosial responsibility

Global Cooperation

Social responsibility is often argued to be a corporate responsibility. We believe it is the people behind the companies that reflect the idealism and realism to help create a healthy and sustainable industry.

All Neptune Pharma products are developed in Norway and formulated to ensure safety and potency in accordance with strigth Norwegian regulation.

Norway,with its clean sea, is one the world largest fishery countries and has over 150 years experience of nutritional products. Is known as one of the best place to harvest raw material sources.  Norwegian nutritional products are known as quality leading.

Neptune Pharma A has norwegian production control to ensure ensures that all parts of the manufacturing process is processed in a way to protect the environment and make sure we leave a green footprint where we harvest our raw materials, and develop our products.

Neptune Pharma As is able to be one of the top supplier of nutritent supplements because of a close cooperation with companies, trade assosiations, universites, raw material suppliers and manufactering fasilities around the globe.

In Neptune Pharma we wish to be the best role model, and leave a green footprint for a substainable industry for future generations, and we expect our partners to share the same value.


Quality & innovation

Our results for development aims to support the identification, adaptation and scale up of cost-effective innovative solutions that have the potential to tackle big challenges and gaps in nutrition and healthy diets.

In many ways, nutrition has been a lost frontier in achieving optimal health. Only relatively recently—and outside of some early adopters—has the role of nutrition been appreciated in athletic performance, healthy aging, degenerative diseases, and most importantly maintaining health for as long as possible. To further understand, fine-tune, and improve the positive role nutrition plays in optimal health, a significant innovation in nutrition must occur.

Take a look at some of the innovative work and latest resarch.