Aurora ™ is a self owned sub brand of Neptune Pharma As, its developed to be the best nutritional supplement brand for woman. Aurora, the concept originates from the life style and the philosophy of Norway.

All product formulation used in Aurora brand are based on years of recent research studies, and are recommended by world leading professionals. Our R&D and formulation teams are from world famous insititutes and acedemia, all with tens of years of experience in the nutritional field.

The trademark Aurora™ is developed by Neptune Pharma AS in Norway and is a quality guarantee for high-end products, with Norwegian production and quality controls. All our products is based on the best raw material in the market for its product category at all times. For the benefit of your health.

The brand is the first professional high end nutritional supplement brand in Scandinavian countries, specialized on women health and pregnancy. With experienced formulation expert and sales & marketing team, the brand wish to spread quickly among Norwegian and Scandinavian women. We aim to get sales channels in drug stores, supermarkets, direct mail sales, in addition to Ecommerce sales.

The brand aims to be the No. 1 women nutritional supplement choice in the world.

Aurora is the Latin word for dawn and refers to the roman goddess Aurora. Borealis is the Greek name for north wind.

Pierre Gassendi first called this phenomena Aurora Borealis back in year 1600a-kr. This is the reason it today is called <NORDLYS> (north light) by locals in Norway.

Norway, one the world largest fishery countries, is also known as the best (Omega 3) raw material origin. With over 150 years experience of nutritional products, Norwegian nutritional products are known as quality leading. Aurora™, with deep quality DNA, focuses on formulation innovation to provide quality products for human health.