Aurora™ High DHA Consentration softgel

Studies show that DHA is beneficial to human brain health. However, in most Omega 3 products, the concentration of EPA is always higher than DHA, which is Not important to pregnant women. Aurora™ high concentration DHA softgel, contains 45% of DHA and 10% and EPA, which is the best Omega 3 products for pregnant women.

Studies show that the fetus has a more positive development of the central nervous system, brain and eye sight when DHA supplements are taken during the pregnancy.

The need for some vitamins and minerals increase. Those who eat a healthy and varied diet, will without problems cover their daily need of nutrients without having to take supplements. One exception is folic acid,  and one should pay extra attention to Omega3 (DHA) fatty acids, vitamin b12, selenium, iodine, calcium and iron. These nutrients are key building materials for the fetal development during the pregnancy.

  • Product Description

    High DHA softgel for Pregnant -Up to 225mg DHA/pc

    Higher concentration

    Smaller size!

    Active Ingredient mg/ps:

    DHA          225          80%

    EPA            50         20%

    Energy     18,48kJ    44%

    Protein       0.0           0%

    Fat             495        99%

    Carbohydrate   0.0     0%

    Sodium       6.16      0,78%

  • Guidelines

    Directions for use:

    Warnings: Nutritional supplements can only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate.

    Women trying to conceive and pregnant women between 0-10 weeks in their pregnancy take 1 capsule daily. Pregnant women between 10-36 weeks and breastfeeding mothers take 2-3 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Please take with meal.

    Store: below 30℃ in a dry place away from direct sunlight, keep out of reach of children.

  • Clinical Research

    Aurora High DHA formulation is developed by our own experts in accordance with recomendations based on data from studies in the Moba study. The Moba study collect data of over 95.000 woman 114.500 children, and 75.000 fathers. This is one of the biggest health studies in the world. The study has been running since 1999.

    The High DHA formulation is developd to give a safe and sufficient amount of DHA vitamin before during and after the pregnancy.



    Please take a look at more of our latest studies and research @discover!

  • Availability

    Available for sale worldwide.