Aurora Algae oil for kids

Essential fatty acids in a form that kids enjoy taking.

Aurora Algae oil for Kids are packed with highest quality DHA derived from fatty acids found only in deep water fish in cold water.

Supports brain development, cognition, and learning in an small fish soft gel, * Ages 1-6+

Purified fish oil is the safest and most reliable source of omega-3 DHA, and it’s estimated that only 1% of kids get fish oil regularly. Make sure your child is getting enough of this important nutrient during peak development years with Children’s DHA. In easy-to-chew soft gels, and liquid, your child will love.

  • Product Description

    Omega 3 are important to support kids brain, heart and nervous systems development. Aurora Algae oil  is created with this unique formula with vitamins and DHA shown to support the important development of kids growth, and development in their first years and ensure enough vital dietary consumption.

    Active nutritional Ingredients:

    DHA, Vitamin A, D3, Em and K2

    Other ingredients:

    Gelatin, Glyserin and purified water.

  • Guidelines

    0-3 years: take 1 softgel daily with the main meal of the day.

    3-6 years:  take 2 softgel daily before the main meal of the day.

    6+ years: take 2-3 softgels daily before the main meal of the day.

    (or as adviced by your healtcare professional).

    Nutritional supplement can only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate

  • Clinical Research

    Aurora formulations is developed by our own experts in accordance with recomendations based on data from studies in Moba study. The Moba study collect data of over 95.000 woman 114.500 children, and 75.000 fathers. This is one of the biggest health studies in the world. The study has been running since 1999.

    The Algaeoil for kids formulation is developd to give a safe and sufficient amount of the rigth vitamins and fatty acids during the most important years of your kids evolvement stages.

    Please take a look at more of our latest studies and research @discover!

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