Aurora™ Calsium VD3 softgel

Why is calcium important for pregnant women?
The pregnant body will always prioritize the fetus if the diet is not rich enough in calcium. The pregnant body gives the fetus calcium from its own storage if the daily diet does not contain enough calsium. It is important to get enough calcium for your future health, because lack of calsium could lead to osteoporosis in the future for women.

During pregnancy the need of calcium increases but at the same time the body responds to increase its ability to receive and store calcium from our daily diet. Today they recommend pregnant women to increase the consumption of calcium by at least 100mg per day, to a total of 900mg each day throughout the pregnancy. This increase in calcium intake is easy if you drink milk, or eat enough dairy products. At least 3 portions each day, ensures the daily intake of calcium. If you do not get this you should get a supplement of 500 mg each day.

  • Product Description

    Aurora Calcium and VD3 softgel helps to reduce bone mineral loss in postmenopausal women.
    Calcium is also needed to build up maintaining bone and teeth. D-Vitamin ensures the absorption and utilization of calcium.

    Calcium supplement is important during pregnancy since the pregnant body prioritize its own stored calium to the fetus during pregnancy.

    Active nutritional Ingredients:

    Items        mg/pc

    Calsium              300

    Vitamin D3      120IU

    Other ingredients

    Gelatin, glycerin and purified water

  • Guidelines

    Reccomended daily consumption.

    Adult & elderly: take 2 softgel daily before each meal of the day, twice a day.

    Pregnant woman: take 2-3 softgels daily before each meal of the day,  twice a day

    Children: take one softgel daily before each meal of the day, twice a day

    (or as adviced by the health care professional).

    Nutritional supplement can only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate

  • Clinical Research

    Aurora Calcium formulation is developed by our own experts in accordance with recomendations based on data from studies in the Moba study. The Moba study collect data of over 95.000 woman 114.500 children, and 75.000 fathers. This is one of the biggest health studies in the world. The study has been running since 1999.

    The Calcium formulation is developd to give a safe and sufficient amount of Calcium vitamin before during and after the pregnancy.


    Please take a look at more of our latest studies and research @discover!

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